How the Multis crypto exchange will shift the way DAO's run their business

How the Multis crypto exchange will shift the way DAO's run their business
Valens Carpentier
Building Multis
How the Multis crypto exchange will shift the way DAO's run their business

Our vision and mission

Imagine a world where digital currency has unleashed global entrepreneurship across the globe. Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, or in Slovakia for example can launch a business and accept payment in seconds. Digital currency has powered a global peer-to-peer payment network where value can move freely across borders instantly and cost-effectively. Making a payment is as easy and cheap as sending an email. This world has opened access to financial services, enabling entrepreneurs to find the resources they need to thrive and make an impact.

Our mission at Multis is to help businesses access and leverage this open financial system. We want to be a trusted partner for entrepreneurs and businesses who want to get the most out of open finance, from instant peer-to-peer payments to cutting-edge decentralized finance protocols.

Multis has built a corporate exchange and a crypto-friendly banking service to help expand the reach of open finance. The corporate offer will provide a gateway for accessing both crypto and fiat currencies. However, it is worth reviewing the current state of crypto exchanges in the market to get a clear view of what we are building.

Centralized (CEX) and Decentralized (DEX) exchanges

What's a CEX?

Centralized exchanges (CEX) are operated by a single entity and function similarly to traditional stock exchanges. They hold users' assets in custody and facilitate trade execution between buyers and sellers. CEXs offer a wide range of services, such as margin trading, derivatives, and fiat on-ramps (allowing users to purchase cryptocurrency using traditional currencies like USD or EUR). Examples of well-known CEXs include Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken.

What's a DEX?

On the other hand, decentralized exchanges (DEX) do not have a central authority or custodian. They use smart contracts to facilitate trades directly between users without holding any assets in custody. DEXs are built on blockchain technology and offer increased security and privacy as users retain control of their assets and personal information. Examples of popular DEXs include Paraswap, Uniswap, 0x, and Kyber Network.

The choice between a CEX and a DEX depends on the individual needs and preferences of the user. CEXs offer a wide range of user-friendly services but may present security and regulatory risks. DEXs offer increased security and privacy but may be more difficult to use and have lower liquidity.

The Multis corporate exchange

The best of both worlds...

Multis offers a banking solution for crypto businesses that combines the convenience of a traditional crypto-to-fiat exchange with the security and robustness of a decentralized wallet built on Gnosis. By partnering with Synapse, a well-established player in the fintech industry, Multis has created a simple and affordable exchange platform with fees ranging from 0.2% to 0.5%. This allows founders or CFOs to easily convert between dollars and various cryptocurrencies, all while storing their assets in a decentralized wallet to mitigate the risk of losing funds as can happen with custodial exchanges such as FTX.

In addition to serving as a traditional exchange, Multis integrates with Paraswap, a decentralized swap aggregator. This allows users to swap any ERC-20 token for another using decentralized liquidity pools, further enhancing the security and decentralization of the platform. an all-in-one tool

But perhaps the most compelling aspect of Multis is the ability to access a fiat exchange and a decentralized exchange functionality within the same tool. This means that CFOs no longer have to juggle multiple accounts and wallets to trade, invest, and convert their cryptocurrencies. Instead, all of these actions can be performed within the same spending tool, streamlining the process and simplifying accounting. For example, this can be especially useful for founders and businesses who may need to frequently convert between USD and various cryptocurrencies to fund daily operations or take advantage of yield opportunities. But that's only some simple use cases...

Why our exchange can change corporate finance

Pay anytime, anywhere, anyone.

More and more companies operate globally and require fast and efficient ways of payment. International wires can be complicated and time-consuming. To be clear, there is no decent way to send money worldwide effectively using the banking system. But crypto is designed for global transfers. You can pay your freelancers in seconds at the other edges of the world. But you can't everything with crypto (yet). You must pay vendors and invoices with fiat via ACH/wire, and daily operations with web3 debit cards. To do that, you need a bank account, an exchange, and a crypto wallet. That's a lot of tools. With Multis, you can opt for crypto-to-crypto swaps on decentralized exchanges (DEX) or fiat-to-crypto swaps on centralized exchanges (CEX) to access the currency you want to use. You can opt for payment by card, ACH/wire, and crypto payments (simple, batch, and invoicing).

Store assets in the safest way available on the ecosystem

If you earn your income in USD but want to hold your assets in crypto, you can easily convert your funds into crypto through our exchange. To ensure the complete safety of your assets, our multi-signature non-custodial wallet built on Gnosis will be the way to keep ownership & control of your coins. Our credo is "not your keys, not your coins". You'll avoid controversies like FTX or Lehman Brothers in 2008. Contrary, if you want to keep part of your assets in fiat, our FDIC-insured crypto banking accounts will reassure you about the robustness and safety of our infrastructure.  

And, if you need to access fiat again, you can simply cash out your crypto through Multis.

Make your treasury work, for real (not for cents in a year)

In 2022, our bank only provided a yield of $0.02 on our treasury, which was disappointing. On the other hand, decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols can offer significantly higher yields than traditional bank savings accounts. To take advantage of these opportunities, companies need to be able to convert USD into crypto easily and quickly. With Multis Corporate Exchange, it is possible to convert USD into crypto in just a few seconds, allowing companies to access DeFi protocols and potentially earn higher yields on their stablecoins.

Interested in the future of corporate banking? Try our crypto bank accounts out here. You can open an account in less than ten minutes here and join 200+ leading companies using our product!