Web3 banking built for Web3 builders.

Web3 banking built for Web3 builders.
Thibaut Sahaghian
Building Multis
Web3 banking built for Web3 builders.

How Multis is onboarding the next million businesses into crypto with cards and checking accounts designed for web3

Today, Multis is launching free corporate cards and checking accounts to help web3 businesses spend crypto treasury. Any US-registered business can now issue corporate cards for their team to allow them to convert and pay for things in USD with over 40 millions merchants worldwide, through our partnership with Mastercard.

It takes 10 minutes to apply, and less than 1 day to get approved. Multis also offers corporate crypto exchange and banking services with FDIC-insured accounts and ACH/wire transfers. 

Teams can now run their entire web3 business on crypto with a single crypto-USD solution, from day 1. It is the first milestone towards our vision to build the financial backbone of the Web 3 economy — a vision shared by our lead investor Sequoia.

💥 Why Multis?

Crypto companies and DAOs are now forming an increasing share of our economy. As projects get off the ground and grow, web3 teams need crypto-native solutions to help them with basic financial operations such as storing crypto treasury, converting with USD or spending as a team. The current state of financial operations is appalling and puts them in a challenging and stressful position.

Most Web3 teams have a significant part of their assets in tokens but struggle to spend them on physical and digital goods and services. These still account for a very large part of their costs.

Opening up an account on a centralized exchange such as Coinbase, Kraken or FTX can take months. Most banks still don't work with web3 startups. This often leads to funding freezes or never-ending compliance checks. Many founders end up paying expenses or converting crypto from their own personal banking and exchange accounts. This is not compliant nor scalable and distracts us from real work — we've been there!

We're here to build a better Web, not to spend countless hours worrying that our finances will fall apart.

🙌 Enter Multis

Web3 teams should be able to access a secure and convenient finance solution designed for crypto and USD treasury holistically, from day 1.

We're natively web3. We won't flag your transactions or freeze your account if your business is running on crypto. We can approve any US-registered business in a day and provide them with full access to the benefits outlined below, from a single account: 

🏁 Start with essential tools

  • Open a Multis account with FDIC USD checking account & multi-signature crypto wallet
  • Convert USD with USDC, ETH as well as 1'000+ cryptocurrencies (Ethereum & Polygon)
  • Issue multiple corporate cards for employees and vendors
  • Pay vendors and employees through ACH, wires and crypto transfers

📈 Scale with advanced tools

  • Set custom limits and approval workflows for cards and crypto transfers
  • Link external crypto wallets to track balances and transactions across multiple chains
  • Control team spending with dashboards and transaction analytics
  • Close your books faster with accounting data exports

🧑‍🏭 We're builders building for builders

We experienced first-hand the pains and distress created by scattered and ill-adapted crypto and banking solutions. We're fixing this.

We're providing teams with much more than just software: Multis is a cure. We're offloading teams from frustrations and anxiety. We're providing peace of mind so they can focus on building great things and do the best job of their lives.

Our round with Sequoia Capital provided us with the fuel we needed. Corporate cards and USD accounts are a first step towards a much bigger ambition. We are relentlessly building an all-in-one software layer designed to serve as the financial backbone for the growing wave of web3 companies and DAOs!

❤️ We've been working with the best

We're grateful to have earned the trust of many talented teams — all passionate about building a better Web. Over 100 companies like Audius, Sky Mavis (game studio behind Axie Infinity), Orange DAO or Connext have run their payroll and spent with vendors and contractors. With hundreds of monthly transactions and over $300M transacted, our partners have battle-tested our features and spent countless hours helping us shape this product.

We're now ready to say: "we're open for business"!

Apply in 10 minutes and get approved in a day to try the best banking experience in the web3 industry!

Thibaut and team, Multis.

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